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Great Outback BBQ

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host a great outback bbq & Support our aussie farmers

The Great Outback BBQ is back for 2020!

We are getting excited about our Great Outback BBQ and like you we really don’t need an excuse to catch up with family and friends.  As Governments ease restrictions why not have a Great Outback BBQ to celebrate?  Whilst getting together you can change the lives of those doing it tough in remote Australia.  This year we really need your help. 
Each year, people from all over Australia gather ‘round the BBQ to show support for Aussie Farmers doing it tough. The Great Outback BBQ is an opportunity to do something fun and fundraise to make a real difference. Get the barbie sizzling with sausages or warm up the “billy” and ask your friends, family, colleagues for a donation to Frontier Services. This is a great opportunity to connect with others for a good cause!
This year is very special because our farmers need you now more than ever.  They are trying to rebuild after the worst drought on record, devastating bushfires and now COVID19 which means some farmers cannot get their stock sold because overseas markets are closed.  The disasters just keep coming for them, but you can show you care by holding a Great Outback BBQ and raising necessary funds to provide a helping hand.  These recent natural disasters have had a devastating effect on many living on isolated properties around our country.

Please remember when you come together to adhere to current government advice in your local area; physical distancing and hygiene are still important.  

By hosting a Great Outback BBQ, you are providing our farmers hope for the future.

Register now and you'll receive a special Welcome Kit as our way of saying thank you!


Register today and when you bank your funds before 31st December, you'll go into the draw to win our special prize! 
The highest amount raised and banked before 31st December will win.



Teams and Walkers

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