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Welcome to Brian Lauder's Page

Brian Lauder

Brian Lauder

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to us.People who live in outback communities at times can become isolated and alone, most especially during times of drought,fire and storms, It is a very dark place to be,via this Great Outback BBQ we will raise funds to provide assistance so that ,no matter how dark life may seem, the light of the human spirit will always be brighter, . Brian n Cherry.


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. Brian Lauder
Thanks God for holding back the storms on Sunday
2. Brian Lauder
On behalf of the Chief Constable of the Tolbooth, who diligently counted 101 Tosses @ $1each donated from the MIa MIa Uniting Church Congregation
3. Brian Lauder
Total of donations raised on our Great Outback BBQ Day.Thankyou..
4. MTMarge & Ron Townrow
Well done Brian and Cherry!
5. Brian Lauder
6. MLMark Lauder
Brian& Cherry hope next Sunday is a great success. Mia Mia is the ideal back drop for highlands games.

Organisation Mia Mia - Kyneton Uniting Church